About the famouse Poppels Brewery

Poppels Brewery is a proudly independent brewery founded in 2012 in Jonsered, the old textile district of Västra Götaland County in Sweden. We began our journey with a belief and love for the art of brewing and today we’re a modern brewery that embraces change yet respects the past. Owned and operated by devout beer lovers, we pride ourselves on carrying on the noble brewing traditions while using state-of-the-art technology to ensure superb and consistent quality.

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At Poppels we are organic & having consistently strived for a maximized taste experience with as little environmental impact as possible, it just made sense to take to the green side completely. In fact, we have been brewing 100% organic on the ecological scale since moving to our new brewery, location in Jonsered, Sweden. Fully certified as an ecological operation, our labels now support the stamp! We are completely proud of this fact, especially since we have come all this way without compromising the taste of our product, only upping its integrity for our customers.

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Since moving to Jonsered Poppels has committed to brewing all its beers organically. In the Autumn of 2016 we were officially                                                       awarded organic certification for our entire range!

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Certified Ecological

Poppels Brewery, one of the fastest growing craft breweries in Sweden, has already estab- lished a green eco-friendly profile. Now they have taken a significant leap towards lowering their environmental impact even further by implementing ozone technology in their daily operations.

The brewery resides in Partille, Sweden, in top-modern facilities to make room for the expanding demand for their beers across the country. The brewery produces many popular beers such as Russian Imperial Stout and Belgian Wit. The team of brewers needed a more sustainable alternative to their chemical consumption and handling. Ozone was chosen to replace the current sanitation agent.