Some of the best craft beer from Sweden under one Railway arch in Bermondsey!


Who is/What is LCS?

London Calling Sweden is a leading importer and wholesaler of Swedish Craft Beer in the UK. We are the sole importer for Poppels Bryggeri from Gothenburg! The second largest Craft Brewery in Sweden. We also have a Taproom here in Bermondsey at the heart of the ‘Bermondsey Beer Mile’ on Enid Street showcasing our Swedish Craft Beer selection along side some of our favourite UK breweries. (Please take a look at our ‘What’s on draft’ page to see current list.


We are very happy to be the representatives for Poppels Bryggeri here in the UK. Brewing in Gothenburg we are there sole importers into the UK. They are small brewery with a great love for the craft, located in an old textile factory from 1800s. Founded in 2012 Poppels is owned and run by beer lovers who are proud to pass on the craft tradition, they have now grown to be the second largest craft brewery in Sweden and the largest organic brewery.

As we all know the market is awash with breweries new and old and point of difference is key, the reasons that set Poppels apart from many are:

  • The beers are accessible and appeal to a wide range of consumers - as they are drinkable and balanced they can be enjoyed by non-'craft' beer drinkers while being intense in flavour and complex they also appeal to the tick boxer and modern 'craft' beer drinkers.

  • Laser focus on quality across the whole brewing process to insure a consistently high standard. 

  • A broad range of styles within the core beers with an emphasis on food pairings.

  • Poppels have been awarded many awards and prizes over the last few years inc gold medal at both the Gothenburg and Stockholm Beer & Whiskey Festival, and awarded as a 'Gazelle Company' in 2017 & 2018.

 If you would like to learn more about Poppels and hear about there brewery in their own words please take a look at there website https://www.poppels.se/en/.

For any wholesale enquiries please contact us on contact@londoncallingsweden.com